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How well organized is your shop? Can you find exactly what you need when you need it? Do your customers need to watch where they step when they enter your shop? What does the outside of your shop say to your customers or those who pass by? Let's take an imaginary tour through your existing shop and see what you could improve on and what you are doing right.

If I came to your shop today, what would I see? Let's begin outside, before I even come inside your shop. Is there a warm, friendly look? Taxidermists have had a bad reputation for years as being messy slobs, who work in clutter and mess on an ongoing basis. We call ourselves artists, but art may be a customer's farthest thought when he sees the condition of some shops! How can a taxidermy shop make a friendly statement on the outside of the building? One way is to plant shrubs or flowers. Flowers always soften the look of any business. Have things clean and neat and free from all clutter. You shouldn't have an accumulation of "stuff" all around the building. We all accumulate "stuff," but try not to store these things on the outside of the building where the public can see it. One shop I once visited was landscaped with shrubs and driftwood. There were no flowers, but it looked very neat and rustic. What can you do outside your shop to make it look more inviting? For some shops, that may mean paint, a new sign, new awnings, or even a good clean-up project for a weekend. Some shops may need some minor landscaping. How about your shop? What can you do to improve the outside appearance of your shop...

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